Simitri Designs was born out of Simran’s love and passion for handbags and Gayatri’s fun, colorful and quirky creative designs. Together they’ve created a brand that is young and hip, fun and colorful, luxurious yet affordable. Each handbag is beautifully designed to work effortlessly with the modern women's wardrobe. Simitri Designs uses only the best quality fabrics and textures, giving each bag an extra special feel.


We use traditional Indian techniques to create each bag - Silk Ikat from South India, Kutch embroidery from the West, and Warli hand painting from Central India, among others. We use various materials like bead embroidery, leather, faux leather, metals, beads, sequin, lace and many more to create designs that reflect the Indian American cultural fusion of Simitri's founders - modern yet steeped in rich traditions. 



All our bags are handmade in India. Rich Indian heritage and culture is infused in each bag through the laborious hand embroidery of skilled craftsmen, who have been carrying on their craftsmanship as their legacy through generations. 

We spend time and work closely with artisans and hand embroiderers to understand their techniques and ability. Each sequin is thoughtfully placed to create these pieces with precision. The blend of ethnic- Indian fabrics and techniques with modern experimental shapes and forms is what defines our design conceptuality. From conception to creation and then to the actual customer, we believe in being a part of the journey. That’s what drives our initiative forward, to continue to create these pieces of joy and spread them globally. 


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